Probation Violation

If you’ve been arrested for a probation violation, the time to act is now. If you wait, you could be in jail or prison before you know it. You need a seasoned attorney like Paul Ramos at your side to ensure that your life doesn’t get derailed once again. He can convincingly plead your case to a judge and has the best chance of preserving your freedom.

Types of Arizona Probation Violation Charges

There are a variety of Arizona probation violation charges. Perhaps there was a mix-up and you haven’t been able to pay restitution. Maybe your probation officer assumed there was a violation and put out a warrant for your arrest. You might have skipped a meeting with your probation officer. There could have been a court-mandated program that you forgot about. Or, you may have been arrested on related or unrelated charges.

Whatever the cause, you are at the mercy of the judge, who could reinstate or lengthen your original sentence, extend your probation, or order new conditions of your probation.

Beating a Probation Violation Charge in Tempe or Surrounding Cities

There are many ways to get a favorable ruling from a judge in a probation violation hearing. Some of the most common defenses Paul Ramos uses are:

  • Attesting that the violation was unintentional
  • Positing that you would be better served by community service
  • Describing the circumstances that led to the violation
  • Calling witnesses who can attest to relevant evidence
  • Creating a burden of proof that the probation officer can’t meet

Paul Ramos Gets Tempe Probation Violation Charges Dropped & Reduced

If you’ve been accused of probation violation, the time to act is NOW. You need an attorney by your side – but not just any attorney. Paul Ramos has been fighting and winning probation violation cases for 23 years.

We have a solid track record of getting charges of probation violations dismissed in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and cities and towns across Arizona. We’re standing by, ready to help you navigate Arizona’s complex criminal justice system.

Call us. We’ll deliver the aggressive defense you deserve and fight to prevent you from being returned to jail or prison.

If you’ve been arrested for probation violations in Tempe, call probation violation lawyer Paul Ramos at (480) 247-8558 for a free, confidential case evaluation.

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Mr. Ramos managed to make it as bearable as possible, and provided an excellent result that will allow me to live my life. Throughout the process, I was never given any reason to doubt his skill or integrity. He pursued all possible legal routes to benefit me, and was always just a call away. I would recommend him to anyone, and I trust him completely. I hope you never have to face felony charges, but if you do, you will be satisfied indeed if Mr. Ramos represents you. He's awesome!!!” – John Sumner, Scottsdale AZ

Case Results

  • DUI .11, Maricopa County – No jail/Reduced to Reckless
  • Domestic Violence, Phoenix – Charges Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault, Maricopa County – Not Guilty
  • Extreme DUI, Maricopa County – Not Guilty
  • Felony Theft, Maricopa County – Not Guilty

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