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Child abuse laws in Arizona are designed to protect children from harm at the hands of parents, guardians, caretakers, and anyone else responsible for a child’s well-being. Allegations of child abuse can result in criminal charges as well as the initiation of a child neglect case in civil court. Many individuals, however, are arrested and charged with child abuse by mistake when charges are made without merit.

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with child abuse, the Ramos Law Firm can provide with a legal defense to clear you name and restore order to your family.

What is Child Abuse in Arizona?

Child Abuse (ARS  § 13-3623)

Arizona law generally defines child abuse as circumstances that are likely to produce death or serious physical injury to a child as well as circumstances other than those likely to produce death or serious physical injury. Any person who causes a child to suffer physical injury, or, while having the care or custody of a child, causes or permits the child to be damaged, can be charged with child abuse. A person who places a child in a situation where the person or health of the child is endangered can also be charged with child abuse. Child abuse is not limited to physical harm, but also includes emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation.

Kidnapping (ARS §13-1304)

Another form of child abuse under Arizona law is kidnapping, which occurs when a person knowingly restrains a child with the intent of obtaining ransom, holding the child hostage, inflicting sexual offense, or causing physical injury or death.

Child Sex Crimes

Child molestation, sexual exploitation of a minor (child pornography), luring of a minor for sexual exploitation and sexual conduct with a minor are crimes that can also be charged as child abuse.

Defenses against Child Abuse Charges 

If you are charged with child abuse, depending on the circumstances, you may be facing different classes of felony offenses. However, a criminal defense attorney can provide you with a legal strategy by relying on some of the following defenses:

  • False allegations of child abuse
  • The injury is the result of an accident
  • The injury is the result of something other than abuse

How the Ramos Law Firm Can Defend You against Child Abuse Charges

As a Trial Attorney and Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Mr. Ramos has extensive knowledge of the legal procedures in child abuse cases. He has expertise in taking witness statements and evaluating information, transcripts and notes from interviews with the child as part of the discovery phase of the trial. Mr. Ramos will obtain reports by Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworkers, review them for accuracy and determine if there are omissions or inconsistencies.

At the Ramos Law Firm,  we understand that individuals who are facing child abuse charges will be dealing with difficult emotions. We will provide you with a vigorous defense and give you peace of mind. Mr. Ramos has 23 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in Arizona. If you are facing child abuse charges call the Ramos Law Firm today.

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Case Results

  • DUI .11, Maricopa County – No jail/Reduced to Reckless
  • Domestic Violence, Phoenix – Charges Dismissed
  • Aggravated Assault, Maricopa County – Not Guilty
  • Extreme DUI, Maricopa County – Not Guilty
  • Felony Theft, Maricopa County – Not Guilty

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